Preface :

All Businesses/Industries can inevitably carve the path to success only by achieving an equilibrium between the Vision to serve Mankind and the Vision to strive for expansion. Well-Being is the only Business known to us all and Strive for exponential growth only comes from Embracement rather than a Conquest.

Introduction :

It is with this Intention, Experience of over 25+ Years in variable Industries and the Grace of God, Shri Rajendra Vaishampayan gave birth to his brainchild, SONIC OCTAVES PVT LTD, in the year of 2009 later assisted by Mr. Mayank Parmar, who seeped the Technological and Economical know-hows adding tremendous value to the company.

From giving Exposure platform to emerging Artists of Indian Classical Music to Visual Infotainment for Kids around the nation and across through Multi Lingual content via YouTube with over 20 Million views to say the least, SONIC OCTAVES founded the daughter firm SHRADDHA SONET TV to uptake and satisfy the thirst for Good Quality, Premium, Well Curated and all-encompassing Religious and Spiritual Content.

SHRADDHA SONET TV is an integral part of Sonic Octaves Network with a sole purpose to provide good quality religious and spiritual content to masses with easy access over phone or web. A subscription based model, one can access a vast range of premium content and truly devote oneself to choice of Deity of all Forms and Forces.

Subscriber Devotees can find all forms of worshipping prayers from Ancient Vedic Scripts, Traditional day-to-day Invocations and Aartis to Annual Hindu Calendar Auspicious days in Professionally Guided and Text assisted Pujas and Rituals proceedings that Devotees can perform themselves are provided in Sanskrit, Marathi, English and Hindi.

 Address – Sonic Octaves Pvt Ltd. A/201-202, Dwarkamai,
Pannalal Ghosh Marg, Somwar Bazar, Malad (West), Mumbai 400064.

 Email – [email protected]

  Contact No – 9320722963